Declining frame rate


My car racing game which is based on TestFancyCar starts with a fps of around 200 but as the game goes on it declines to around 25 fps. Is this normal or a programming problem ?

Also after a certain number of times that I run the program through the JMonkey IDE, the IDE runs out of memory and uses so much resources that I have to shut it down and restart. Is this a known problem ?

thank you

I think you have some memory leaks somewhere in your code

Definitely this is not normal. Check what your code is doing, or profile it with netbeans profiler to find out what causes this.

I had a same problem as this one when i was opening and closing scene files in the jme SDK. Just checked it if this problem still persists and it does. It seems this bug was never fixed in the SDK.
Way to reproduce: 1. open .j3o scene, close it 2. repeat for x times and watch as memory usage goes up in task manager

Yes a profiler may help you.
Remember that java is making the dirty gc job for you BUT it’s your job to manage what you make jme swallow.
What enters your scene graph must leave your scene graph at some point. Maybe you’re forgetting to detach spatials from your scene ?
Also make sure your java processes are killed when you exit your game.

I should have checked my code before I posted here as it was a simple programming error.

Thanks to those who replied though.