Deferred Rendering for PBR materials?


I recall a few threads in the past where ive seen talk about some jme users working on or requesting deferred rendering, but i cant seem to find any existing implementations or discussions about it.

Right now i can’t use many lights in my project with the singlepass pbr materials and thats causing me alot of trouble designing my scene and especially spells and special effects, so im starting to become more and nore interested in implementing deferred rendering.

I remember a few months ago seeing a very cool post in the WIP thread from @RiccardoBlb shpwing off deferred rendering but havent seen or heard much else. Is this still being worked on for the purpose of being open sourced and is there anything i could do to help if so? I dont know too much on the subject yet and expect to do a lot of learning, but i figure i should check in with the community and see if there are any open source implementationa out there first.

Thanks :slight_smile:


yes, as i know @RiccardoBlb is working on it along with all other changes related to Render Pipeline.
So if you would start yourself i belive it would be reinventing wheel.
Probably worth to speak to him directly.

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