Defining custom .bss in GBUI

In all the tests the style2.bss works and even in my outside programs when I set the GBUIrootNode to style2.bss it works.

However… when I copy and paste that same file and rename it, none of my programs can load it, even though it is in the same folder as style2.bss and has the same contents.  It throws a null pointer exception.

What could be causing this problem?

When you say that your renamed file is in the same directory as style2.bss, is that the source directory, the built directory, or both?  What IDE are you using?  I'd bet dollars-to-donuts that you're looking at some type of classpath issue, where your file isn't actually where your app is looking for it when it runs.  Make sure it's getting copied to your output/bin folder.  If all else fails, do a search of your file system to find all instances of style2.bss, and copy yours to all those locations.  I've had more than a few foul words with Eclipse over this very same issue…

Good luck!