Defining/shaping cloth

1: is it possible to make a cloth patch into a particular shape or define a shredded piece of cloth or would be better to paint an image with an alpha mask and apply that to the cloth.

2: would be possible to create a rippling water effect from a cloth patch or an "adjusted" clothpatch using perlin noise I've seen done in java3d using triangle array, I look at the cloth test and it seems halfway there…or maybe I'm just mad, better artist than coder, so its a little grey, but if it is plausible I think I have enough resources at hand to swing in.

thanks in advance

  1. Yes, the ClothPatch is simply using the SpringSystem and Spring/SpringNode classes to define Spring relationships.  by disconnecting a few springs and edges in your geometry you could make a tattered affect.  Using an alpha blended texture may be easier for certain desired results such as flags.

  2. Yes, Water is something I had in mind to try with the system.  I never got around to it, but I believe it is very possible.

I'll give it a good shot then, wont make any promises though my attempts at doing stuff "for" the engine never ends good, but say what!!!