Deformable Terrain

Is there any way in jmonkey to successfully pull off deformable terrain of any sort? I am coming from ogre3d where it was possible(to an extent) and I made some interesting little games with it. Is it at all possible to do with jmonkey? (I am trying to improve my understanding of java, and thought I might as well make game projects to do it, considering I have decent knowledge of opengl.)

The way it was done with ogre:

Just update the heightmap, did you look at the terrain docs at all? Theres even a test example ^^

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Thanks, my genuine apologies if I’m being an idiot, but I don’t seem to see anything regarding it.

Im looking here:

I also see this for editing the terrain, but nothing about deformable terrain once the game is actually being played:

Try this part of the page:

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I think he (or she) wants totally deformable 3d terrain. Like being able to have caves and overhangs and not just having variety vertically. I’m not sure if there’s a starter thing on jME; you might have to start from scratch.

EDIT: Oh wait he said “of any sort”

@seann999 said:
I think he (or she) wants totally deformable 3d terrain.

Like a custom mesh? ^^

@normen yes

#insert standard voxel answer here. :slight_smile: