Delete Jmonkey forum account

Does anyone know how to delete your Jmonkey forum account? I wish to delete my account and create a new one but can’t seem to find a way to delete this account.

I think admins can delete them but if you are just going to recreate a new account then I’d wonder why you’d want to. It might be that whatever you want to be different can simply be changed.

I want to change my username but it’s grayed out.

Admins can change your username. You should be able to change the name that is displayed, though, I guess.

I tried that but it didn’t work, how would I contact the Admins?

PM me with what you want it changed to, I guess.

Thanks a lot dude! Could I rather just have you delete this account? I would really appreciate it!

i won’t delete an account because I don’t know what other ramifications it has to things like all of the posts you created, etc…

Changing a name seemed non-destructive enough for me to flex my admin powers.

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I only posted once prior to this and have hardly used this account, that is why I don’t mind deleting it.

Well, hopefully another admin isn’t afraid to destroy searchable history, etc… since I don’t know what happens I’m not deleting anything.

Sorry for the noise then.

Lol it’s cools. Thanks for the help anyway!

Just create a new account? and ignore the old one? Or is that not possible?

@Empire_Phoenix does not work it you want to use the same email as contact.

@RandomGamer really, just PM @erlend_sh.

I already changed his name.

Ohh… Somehow I missed that… :blush:

Thanks dudes but @pspeed solved my problem.