Demo applet doesn't work in Linux


I have found that demo applet doesn’t work in linux with standard IcedTea java plugin (IcedTea-web 1.1.1) . I remember that several months ago it did work with “sun-java6-plugin”, but now that package is unavailable for me and I have only IcedTea plugin.

Does anybody have a same problem using jME applets in Linux? How it can be fixed?

Thank you

The only way right now is to use the sun-java6-plugin. I can’t think of a reason why it shouldn’t be there any longer. I’m still using it on my end.

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Look here there is an instruction how to set up proper plugin in Kubuntu 11.04

But still one question remains: what with further Kubuntu releases? What if some linuxes includes incompatible plugin’s versions?

I think it will be very useful to maintain compatibility list here with instructions for linux users…

the sun-java6-plugin isn’t in the repositories anymore because java changed their license. Furthermore, openJDK is now THE reference implementation of java (as of java7).

You can still get install the oracle java binaries from the oracle website. However, the demo applet doesn’t work with the oracle java6 plugin in linux-64.

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