Demos only run at 49fps fullscreen

I finally got the demos working under Linux using the last snapshot, and it's all very impressive. I was quite impressed that the terrain page demo ran at approximately 700fps in a window at 800x600 on my PC. This definitely beats other graphics engines written in C++.  :mrgreen:

When I ran the demos full screen, they would only run at 49fps. Is this because the vsync was enabled, preventing them from displaying at a faster rate? Is there any way to let them run at full tilt, so I can see what performance is like fullscreen at resolutions of 1024x768 and higher?

My specs are:  AMD64, GeForce 6000GTS, 1Gb


Is this because the vsync was enabled

You can disable vsync with the nvidia configuration utility "nvidia-settings" and see if it helps.

Oh good point - thanks. I'll try that tonight.