Alright, here is a tentative to-do list for the demos:

  • convert tests to use VariableTimeStep
  • [done!] take screenshots to accompany demos
  • add GUI widgets for demo control (screenshot, pause, etc.)
  • [done!] create page of links to Webstart demos
  • [done!] resolve remaing Webstart issues
    I'll update the list as things progress.

Agreed. ASE and GUI are the only two issues I see right now.

Whoops. My latest update seems to have broken a few things. Particle Engine, Milkshape, Picking no longer work in webstart when they did just recently. GUI and ASE still don’t work even after my “fixes”. How do I get some feedback out of webstart so I can try to figure out what’s going on?

Ok, found the issue… it’s not loading textures anymore. Any ideas? I haven’t touched anything dealing with textures since we worked with it over the weekend. In fact, just checked, MilkshapeASCIIModel hasn’t changed in 43 hours.

EDIT: Got the particle system working, it wasn’t call classloader for the textures in jmedemo/data/*. How it ever worked, I don’t know.


Bitmaps are no longer loading. Why this stopped, I don’t know.

Update Update:

Ok, fixed. Renanse figured out that we were just looking for indexOf for file types rather than last index of. So when it got the files from the webstart path it contained many “.”'s so TGA and BMP were never being called.

How this worked this weekend I have NO idea.

GUI webstart is working (except those that have sounds)

I’m going to for the continuous posts by the same person :slight_smile:

I think sound will work with webstart now. However, the java layer jar is not in webstart. Anyone know if we are free to send that to people? Nothing saying we can’t right?

If we’re going to ditch Java layer in favour of some ogg loader, it may be wise to do it now before we invest too much time in something we’re going to abandon. I’m in favour of saying “forget it” for now, and just waiting until we have ogg support.

Sounds reasonable to me. People will be looking at demos for the graphics mostly anyhow.

Well, I’d really like to show off some of Arman’s work. But I can load up a wav rather than an mp3. That might not require the jlayer jar.

I also need to get the multiple viewports demo working via webstart, I might replace the bezier curve window with a particle system window if you don’t mind Gregg.

BTW the site that will host the demos is here:

This will go live on Saturday when 0.5 is released. The biggest thing missing is the screenshot thumbnails. Other than that, it’s getting there.

Eric, how difficult would it be to support Linux in webstart… and possibly mac?

Multiple Viewports demo is up and working via webstart. Updated on the demo page. That pretty much gets all the demos up. (I would like to get some sounds going sometime, but it probably won’t get done before Saturday).

I do need to fix up the Picking test (it flat out sucks).

Then they should all be up and ready.

ok, all the tests that should run for 0.5 via webstart are now running. All entries are on the webpage.

We just need to add screenshots, and clean up the tests (template GUI, etc).

I did a whole bunch of screenshots tonight, but not all of 'em are done. I’ll finish them up tomorrow, and also add the GUI stuff. By the end of tomorrow, everything should be set.

Ok, cool. That should then take care of the demos. So, I’m going to spend the next couple days going through random code and checking comments for accuracy and adding missing documentation.

FYI, the "choose your screen rez" screen in JWS should now display the monkey logo. (Switched to using URLs)