Demoscene - Breakpoint 2010


“Demoscene” is a area for skilled realtime grapphics programmers, animators, musicans…

There was the breakpoint 2010, which is i think the best demo party in the year.

There are several contests, like “Programming procdural grafics with max programm size of 4kb” ,

4k procedural gfx, amiga 64k end more.

See the list of the entries:

Breakpoint @

The one i definitly love is

Agenda Circling Forth  by Fairlight &  Carillon &  Cyberiad 

(img rights @pouet / fairlight…)

It uses particlesystems with > 1 mio particles handled with gpu. He descibes some technics used in his blog

Have fun looking at the vids,


Gorgeous! No jMonkeyEngine-powered graphics in here yet? Could we subtly suggest the use of the jME3 engine? We could really use some innovative new showcase demos :slight_smile: is always a nice place to kill some time :slight_smile: