Deploy JME3 application

No, its standard. I just want to build exe in the end. :slight_smile:

Project builds normally, just exe creation (or any other executable creation) fails in the end for imported project…

Java does not build a exe, I bet you downloaded the c++ eclipse

redownload eclipse for java, and then use a java project,

java building does create a few hundert .class files

wich you can export to .jar

Uh, yes, jMP creates exe files :stuck_out_tongue: It seems like you try to use jMP’s build.xml with eclipse here…?

No no no, everything I try to do is in jMP. :slight_smile:

I suspect that when you import Eclipse project into jMP for the first time, it generates some build files for you automatically. That build files are probably different than when you create project in jMP. Is this possible? :slight_smile:

Ok, when you are in jMP, then the problem is that in your projects libraries section (Right-click project, Properties->Settings->Libraries) you have some folders or projects listed. You should have only libraries (the preconfigured ones like jme3, the jme3 libraries etc.) or jar files (from external libraries you use) listed there as otherwise it will not populate the lib folder in the dist dir. There should be a warning about that in the compile output.

Ye about that, I have everything the same. No other libraries, just the same as project made in jMP…

Any other possible solution? :slight_smile:

Did anyone also try this? :slight_smile:

Yes, this import way and problem was reported before and solved, it was in fact the libraries back then.

Can anyone else please try this (its really bothering me…)? :slight_smile:

Create a new BasicGame project and copy over the code, I think its some project configuration issue.

I copied build.xml and nbproject folder to my imported project folder and still no luck… I just want someone to test this so I can know if I am doing something wrong or I am ok here… :slight_smile:

Test what? Creating exe files works for me and Momoko too. Try creating a BasicGame project, dont change anything and create the exe, it works. You mess up the project somewhere and most probably the libraries.

Ye we misunderstood. Creating exe works, but not for projects imported from Eclipse (with same settings as BasicGame). Did you test that too? :slight_smile:

No, I didnt, the import function is provided by NetBeans. I am dependent on people like you that have actual eclipse projects to adapt it for jMP :stuck_out_tongue: As said, I am sure you only have to fix the Libraries to the normal ones (right-click project → Properties → Libraries) because thats the reason the lib folder is not created in the dist folder. Otherwise please post the build.xml and build-impl.xml of the nbprojects folder here (use “Add Snippet” → “Add your own Snippet” instead of code tags, it works better on XML I think).