Deploying JME+JGN Project as Webstart

Hey Folks,

i'm wonderig if one of you has ever deployed a project as a java webstart which uses JGN for communication.

The problem i'm facing is, that my webstart client is not able to connect to my non-webstart server.

So my question is, if anybody knows if there are some restrictions using webstart and TCP/UDP Networkconnections?!

Is there something i have to do, as e.g. setting some preferences within the jnlp file for enabling communication??



You need to make sure the port is open on your firewall, that the port is above 1024 (particularly if running on Linux), and you might need to grant permissions since JGN uses reflection internally.  WebStart + JGN has been by me and several others.

yeah got it working…so the clients connect to the server.

but facing the next prob while loading of the resources.

But now its definately too late for still being in the office (11pm) since 9am. So i'll have a closer look onto this tomorrow.