Deploying the game created in jME3 on Wii-Xbox-PS3 ,psp iPhone and Android

Warm Greetings to the JME community,

I had joined in today as a new member and downloaded the jME3.

I was wondering what is the procedure and how complex could it be to have/integrate the options to deploy the final game product on various platforms (something similar to UNITY3D : where you create the game in editor and then publish on various platforms) can jME achieve this in near future. I am sure brilliant brains in the community might be already working on it , but as a fresher (joined today) just got this question and would appriciate the answers from experienced jME users.

Many thanks



You can run jME on any platform that Java runs on… For Android jME just needs a renderer, its already got a JVM there. The Android renderer is being worked on at the moment. For Playstation, XBOX et al it would require compiling an open JVM on that platform and creating a renderer for jME on it (something the core team probably wont do any time soon as the cost for console SDK’s are prohibitive). For iPhone, there would be two ways really. One is to use a JVM and writing a renderer, and another would be a Java to Objective-C cross compiler creating “native” jME binaries. Both should work with apples current policy and I already had jME run headless on an iPhone with the open source “classpath jvm”. Be warned however that all those paths are not explored in depth yet.



Yeah essentially you need a lot of money to pay for the licensing for publishing on those consoles.

Since jME does not make any profit out of the engine, we are financially unable to support them.