Deployment Issue, Incomplete Build of Assets Directory


We are deploying our project. When we try to run executable we have errors, we cannot load an xml file that is crucial for knowing the coordinates of the vertices of the model. After opening the build’s assets.jar file we have noticed that our ‘models’ folder is incomplete. Attached is screen shot, comparing our full project directory, with our incomplete compiled asset directory.

Whats up? Does JME3 only add certain files to jar files?


jME excludes many formats, .blend, .mesh.xml, .obj, .mtl, .scene etc. Make sure you convert all model formats to .j3o and use them in code.

For more info, go to the project properties, it mentions all them there, and you can modify them if you wish, but its not advised to use the raw formats (ogre/obj/blend) directly

RTFM on deployment.