Deployment of Assets for [EDIT: PCs] vs Phones

Has anyone thought about whether or not it makes sense to have different assests deployed for PC apps vs Android apps?

Today, one could choose different assets based on the resolution in the context, but that would mean if you included higher resolution assets for larger PC screens, they would also be included in the apk for the Android deployment making the apk much larger unnecessarily.

I have not researched this too much, but I would think it would make sense to support a seperate Assets folder or special subdirectories in the Assets folder of the main project that get deployed differently based on the target platform.

I believe one of the goals of the platform is to have the main project code platform independant, but I don’t think there is a way today to seperate out smaller assets for Android. Am I wrong about that? Is that even necessary?

Good question… And I think it would make sense to have lower detail models deployed with a phone if you had really exquisite stuff shipping on the desktop… @normen?

Yes but for now you will have to handle loading different models / lod levels yourself. You can do that in code and with the help of the build.xml file by overriding the specific targets. More easy separation of assets per se and for different platform distributions is planned for the SDK though, also for things like nifty xml files etc.