Deprecated AnimControl (with skeletonControl) cannot be removed

There is a, now deprecated, AnimControl constructor that still creates the skeletonControl. When this is removed, and setSpatial is called with a null, this throws a null pointer. I know this method should not be used anymore, but I guess it was deprecated and not removed for a reason. I am currently using the sinbad model, and this seems to still import with the old control.

I don’t understand what’s the question.

The constructor is deprecated because it doesn’t have to be used anymore, I did not remove it to avoid breaking user code, and let them fix their code.

This will be removed before final release.

Sorry, wasn’t very clear. If you try and remove the AnimControl that has been constructed with the deprecated constructor you get a null pointer as the setSpatial method cannot cope with a null spatial.


It deprecated, so don’t use it xD

Haha. I wish I didn’t have to, but little old sinbad is still loading that way :(. Is there something I have missed so he loads with the new Controls?


Did you convert it to J3o? or is it the xml file?

It is the j3o that I am loading, but I have not reconverted having updated.


ok could you upload the file, so I test it please?

I made things so old generated J3o still load, but it seems there are still issues.

The old one does still load, but it uses the old constructor so creates the SkeletonControl itself in the setSpatial method. When the control is removed setSpatial is called with a null spatial, this causes a null pointer as it then tries to add the SkeletonControl to a null.

The Sinbad model I am using is checked in at, but is basically the same as Normen uses in MonkeyZone with the characterControl removed.