Depth buffer issues with filters


In the game we’re developing we want to use several post-processing filters, both default and custom ones. Unfortunately we’re having some issues with the depth buffer that is passed to some filters.

With certain combinations of filters, some filters are not getting the proper depth buffer texture but a random texture (a random object’s texture that is then rendered onto the screen). All the shaders DO work in some cases and do what they’re asked to, but in some cases they don’t.

Sadly I haven’t been able to find a solution for this problem. Is this a known issue, or are we missing something?


Hard to tell with so few information. What is the combination of Filter you are using? It could help to see the code of your custom filters.
And a test case would also be very helpful.

Never mind! We were luckily finally able to find the root of this issue: Dynamically adding and removing filters from a processor is asking for trouble - the solution was to add all of them immediately, and call setEnabled as needed. Thanks for your time.