Depthris (WIP)

Hello everyone. Instead of spamming the Screenshot thread I will post updates on this topic

I now have floors working and made some minor improvements while I am tackling a few bugs. Then I can finally start going to UI and Levels (speeds)

Edit: name is now Depthris


I added a slightly modified version of the outliner from the library:!entry=24022%2F5246c9ac-3f4c-4a5d-9fb0-470eb4026246

The outlines allows the player to see the falling piece through the already placed pieces.

Also, the player can now rotate when the piece is hugging walls when possible.


A bit of a fight on how to utilize properly Unity UI assets on Lemur but I am getting the hang of it now.
Also testing a skybox to add a space feel.

And a bug that needs to be fixed that happens sometimes when you clear multiple floors, lol

Edit: Bug is now fixed


I’m impressed by your work.

Perhaps it’s just me, but when I read “JME Blocks 3D” I automatically think of Remy’s voxel-world library.

Is it too late to change the name of your project?

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It is not too late. It is a tentative title (or internal project name) as I am still developing the game. Once I am close to release I will give it an official name.

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I also think of a library :slight_smile: so it’s not just sgold

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Name changed :slight_smile:


It’s an evocative name. I like it.

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It’s a much better, much less confusing name. A little tricky to pronounce but it’s unique and has instant SEO.

Nicely done.