Design View font Error

I’m just starting to try to use Nifty, but when I go to the Design view, I see it has an Error: com.jme3.asset.AssetNotFoundException: aurulent-sans-17.fnt

However, no “aurulent” is in my XML file, and the closest thing I can find to it is aurulent-sans-16.fnt which is in Nifty-Style-Black.jar

Ok…I found out that there was a reference in my XML…it is there by default when you make a new NiftyGui XML by right clicking on the Interface folder in the Asset folder and clicking New -> Other -> GUI -> Empty NiftyGui file

Anyways, if you change it from the default aurulent-sans-17.fnt to aurulent-sans-16.fnt it works! If it doesn’t make sure you have added the Nifty-Style-Black.jar library.

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