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Hi @pspeed mainly :slight_smile:

Basically for my shipcomputer screens I need a way to allow user defined ui’s that are limited in power (aka no full jvm access)

The old system had solved this with FXML, bascially the user dropped a fxml file in their shipcomputer, called local hud = createHud(“filename”) and then recieves a proxy object, that can further manipulate stuff.

Eg. hud.getElement(“someid”).setText(“bla”) if the xml contains some label like with id someid.

So my Idea was to recreate a simple similar system with Lemur, aka LXML :stuck_out_tongue:
Question here is, is it worth the extra effort to make this clean, so it might be integrated into Lemur itself as an alternative to pure code based Ui’s?

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I have on my to-do list to create a groovy-based DSL for layouts. It won’t be ‘pure’ since like the style language you’ll be able to put code in, too.

But anyway, don’t go to extraordinary means to make it clean. If you like it and it works well for you then that’s step 1. You can always clean it up and propose it after. I’d hate to see you get caught in my trap of getting side tracked from your game doing the ‘twice the effort’ it takes to make something publishable. :slight_smile:

Way to late :slight_smile:
My project is already a bit crawling due to ton’s of subtile bugs I have been ironing out over the last month.