Designing JFrames / Starting the application from a JFrame

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I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to create a JFrame (this should represent a kind of launcher, because a complete menu with Nifty GUI wouldn’t be the best solution) and start the application from this (Like in other famous games, there’s a launcher and when clicking “Start Game”, a new window with the game appears (And this is where I want jME to be implemented)).

Because the jME IDE is based on NetBeans, I hoped to find this graphical editor to quickly design JFrames (You know, layouts, positioning, events and things is a pain to code by hand :smiley:), but there isn’t even a point “JFrame” under “Add → New”.

Do you know if it’s possible to simply create JFrames in the IDE (Maybe a plugin, that includes the NetBeans Swing Tools) or if I can even open the projekt with NetBeans and create the *.java-File there (I don’t know if this is possible due to setting files used by one application, that could be overwritten by the other).

I hope, this is the right section, didn’t wanted to post this in “General”.


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EDIT: Of course, I’ve been searching at Google, this site’s search, etc … :wink:

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EDIT: Of course, I've been searching at Google, this site's search, etc ... ;)

Try googling "netbeans gui builder".
This is the first hit:

Ofc you can embed an jME APP into swing. You just need to set up the JWJGL canvas properly. If you want to close the swing app and open the jME app, it's even simpler, just close the frame and call app.start().

Well, it seems that you missunderstood my question or I missunderstood you. :smiley: The link that you posted referrs to the NetBeans IDE and how to create JFrames in there. I know that this one exists, moreover this is actually the gui editor I described - I want to use it in the JME IDE, not in NetBeans, but it seems that it’s missing there.

My question was if there was a plugin that contains this editor or if I have to create the JFrame it in another platform.

Tools > Plugins > Available Plugins > Gui Builder

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The JME IDE is built on Netbeans. Everything available in Netbeans is available in JME, however some of it is turned off unless you need it as it’s not expected that most people will have a use for it.


That’s it - Thank you very much, that’s the tool I was looking for. :slight_smile:

I might have overlooked it while searching, sorry.

Thank you all again for the fast answers! :slight_smile:

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