Destructible terrain

I've looked around a bit, and I can't really seem to find any detailed information on how to implement destructible terrain/objects in a game.  Does anyone here have experience with that type of thing, or know of any good resources I can read about it?

The only implementation details I've seen involve using voxels, and that seems like a very resource intensive way to go about it.  (especially if much of the game world is destructible)

Are most of the current game implementations just based on scripted events?  (e.g. remove wall object A and create flying concrete chunks B, C, and D if explosion hits in a certain area)

You can try to use breakable joints (from jMEPhysics) for things like trees or columns in a house, but the stuff you are talking about is still a hot research topic since it's really resorce intensive. You should also look for deformable mesh techniques.

good hints, thanks


you can modify an terrainpage-object on the fly. setting height data in the buffers. the terra-project has this functionality also. the source package from terra contains a test with realtime modification.