Destruction of walls

@pspeed said: a) it was @wezrule...

b) I think the hard part is generating the surfaces for where the object has fractured so that it doesn’t look like it’s made out of a hollow paper shell.


a) It really was @zarch First page… prior to @wezrule 's comment-- that I was referring to anyways.

b) Correct… this would be the most difficult part.

An semi-easy solution would be to add the extra vertices as you’re fragmenting the object into it’s smallest components. Which can original sit at 0,0,0 of the outer-most fragment verts origin, then adjust them as needed when breaking apart the object to give some sense of irregularity.

The more focus that leans towards over-all effect, the less of a problem this would become. Though, I’m sure there is some happy middle ground that would please all.

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a) It really was @zarch First page… prior to @wezrule 's comment-- that I was referring to anyways.

Ah, my bad… I didn’t realize you were responding the almost-a-year-old part of the thread. I incorrectly assumed you were responding to the current parts.

I found out that Blender has this Cell fracture add-on also. It actually seems to work out quite nicely. Except the results are not as fine in jME than in Blender.

And it comes to jME as following:

it’s because fracture in jme and not specific for wall of bricks. A glass will never break like in the video.

Plus, even if the video it’s not really nice : you shouldn’t have a hole that is a square, you should have something more like a bunch of squares put together (like in the picture on the first page of this topic).

And this is the problem :

hole in metal :
hole in glass : (and even larger and more irregular if the ball is slower)
hole in brick wall :

Also, they will not always break. For exemple, a metal plate will be distorded, but a glass can only break or resist. And a brick wall, because it’s thicker, will be able to keep the detached brick in it and be “distorded” (but none of its brick will be distorded)

With using bricks I’ll end up getting too costly and expensive physics. Ok, the picture has 100 fractures. But really like 10 looks decent for the building. And for windows I think I could cheat a bit and when some force is applied to a window, it could just disappear with some nice particle effect of shattering glass. I’m not looking for super realistic brick-by-brick destruction. At least not for the “city buildings”. And I would have it that they are easy to model.