Detach children

I got a tree of nodes, i got a root node with several nodes atached, i atach my root node to the scene RootNode and it looks good. But when i want to remove my nodes from the scene i call:


That doen't detach all of my nodes from the scene. What i am doing wrong?


Perhaps it is required to call updateWorldData() on the scene root node?  :? I don't think it is, but nothing else comes to mind.  :frowning:

I call updateWorldData() (what partameter i must pass?) but the nodes keep not detaching.

If i detach the nodes and create new ones just after, they don't disapperar; if i detach the objects and do nothing the objects disappears right.

How about:

node.updateGeometricState( 0.0f, true);


Maybe the reason why it is not doing it right, is because the GL thread does not detect the detaching nodes because you are doing it at the same update call. Try to way one update call and then add the other nodes to see if it helps.

Calling updategeometricState when i create the objects works fine, the objects detaches when needed.