Detach collision

I have this wall, and I can “shoot” it and remove the wall with




But the collision is still there so it’s like an invisible wall now. If I try and do results.getCollision(0).getGeometry().setActive(false); I get an error for the setActive() saying that method doesn’t exist for the geometry.

The wall is created by making a new box, new geometry, then using the CollisionShapeFactory and RigidBodyControl then adding that into the bulletAppState.getPhysicsSpace().add();

Is there another method I need to call to remove it? Or should I be making the wall differently?



Remove the RigidBodyControl from the physics space or disable it (which does the same).


Is there a way to find a specific RigidBodyControl because I didn’t give it a name or any specific ID? And would it be bulletAppState.getPhysicsSpace.remove(myRigidBodyControl); ?

u can use remove(RigidBodyControl.class), or remove(spatial)


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awesome! Thanks!

wezrule said:
u can use remove(RigidBodyControl.class), or remove(spatial)

normen said:

That's the why wezrule not always get thumbs up xD.

to be pedantic then its actually

[java]bulletAppState.getPhysicsSpace().remove(mySpatial.getControl(RigidBodyControl.class));[/java] :slight_smile:

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Yeah, just passing the spatial does the same really… Just wanted to show this as it seemed jeremy had no idea how to access the RigidBody of a Spatial.

Yeah, I wasn’t sure how to access it, but it helps a lot. My code is actually a bit different, but everything is working now!


Thanks :slight_smile: