Detach mesh nodes from skinned model

As u know if a model has multiple materials the model is split per material, I would like to know if it is safe to detach and reattach mesh parts\nodes in a skinned model e.g a player with a jacket that is treated as a node on-the-fly

the message above had typos plus, I feel I should clarify some more, I am remodelling my characters and was thinking about exporting the models with a material setup that would define certain meshes as nodes , nodes that I would detach/ reattach in game like clothing , hair, mustache, beards for new variants of the same model is that advisable or should I simply export each variant independently.

First of all they must have the same rig, then you will need to remove and then re-add the SkeletonControl, this will update the skinned meshes.

ok good thanks, I understand