Determine which SceneElement a RenderState is set to

Is it possible to do this?

I am developing a cluster system for a VR-cave. I'm using AspectJ to hook up on changes in the scene so I can transfer them over the network to the other computers. Along with the reports of changes in the RenderStates I must provide the information of which SceneElement the RenderState is set to.

If equals() and hashCode() were implemented in RenderState I would be able to hook up on when a RenderState is set to a SceneElement and put them in a HashTable so I could get the SceneElement when needed.

The problem is, a renderstate can be shared amongst multiple sceneelements.

Ok. It would also work with the SceneElements a RenderState is set to.

Is there any way to determine if two RenderStates are the same then?