Determining point of collision

Well I am doing collision checks. Two objects collide at some point, I need that point.

Currently I am doing something like this (A and B are Nodes)

if (A.getWorldBound().intersects(B.getWorldBound())){


How can i retrive the collison point regardless if I am using boundingboxes or spheres?

You cant if you are using the jme collision detection stuff. Your best bet if two spheres collide is finding out the radius of the biggest sphere that are colliding and add it to the position of the sphere in the direction of the two spheres…(sounds complicated! but its easier when you think about it).

Two boxes, same principal.

Box and Sphere…not a clue!

If your using the jme-physics stuff. Its

contact.getPosition() will return the point of impact.


Yes I did that with my old engine, where I used spheres. But the point of JME was to free myself of alot of implementations myself and rely on jme. Now I have todo it all myself anyway. ggrmbl

Perhaps I should look at Jme physics just for collision checks


You can use Triangle Accurate collisions (if you are willing to deal with a few bugs here and there (extra triangles returned)). Finding the points (line) of two intersecting triangles is trivial.

Yeah I suppose so, The only reason I need to know the collision points is to make an effect at that point Eg. sparks.

In my old engine when one fired many shots at a spaceship one could actually see the bounding sphere, cause the effects traced the sphere :smiley: