Dev Journal

I got a blog running for myself. You can see it:

Not that many people care about what movie I saw, but I talk about jME often :). If any dev’s want their own blog linked in the dev journal section let me know and I’ll link it.

There’s no way to add comments ?

About Zelda on GameCube, just wait for the upcoming one which is so beautiful and very mature…


I use an offline editor, so comments are not available (that is the page you view is just straight html).

I’ve been keeping up with the next Zelda, it looks great. I was really late to the Gamecube scene (just got it a couple months ago), so I have a lot of great games to catch up on. I finally reached the point where original game play was important. The next shooter no longer appealed to me.

In fact, I played Donkey Konga (with the bongos) at the store this weekend. Think Dance Dance Revolution with bongos. It was a blast, I’ll be buying that when it’s out.

Nice. You can link me if ya want.

Sorry, but thats unfair, I want an Alienware PC! Birthday present from one of yous perhaps? :wink:


Well, I just started one… been meaning to for a while and that html based tool you pointed me to was a great way to get my feet wet in that area.

Nice. You can link me if ya want.

Ok, I'll add your link, I'm going to add a new section to the external links and put you in there. Keep an eye out.

I updated the weblog software, it’s now on-line. It was a pain only being allowed to post from a single computer as I use 3 at a given time. This also allowed me to add a comments section. Template is still default, not sure if I like it or not. The RSS feed link changed, so you’ll have to update it if you read the feed.

So I see you’ve switched over to SuSE as well. I’ve just recently had problems with my nVidia hardware support as well. I monkeyed around with something and now the update doesn’t work right. I may just have to reinstall (which isn’t too much of a biggie). I blaim it more on my ignorance of Linux though. Other than that, SuSE is still really neat. I’m sure you got that same “whoa” when it detected all your hardware at all. The only problem is that I could get my printer working with mandrake linux but couldn’t with SuSE :frowning:

My experience with it has been high, I’m fairly certain having the Nvidia XServer stop working is my fault because I was monkeying around with the XF86Config file trying to fix color issues in DVD playback. Everything is working fine, and it says NVidia is installed, I just can’t enable 3D acceleration to run jME. So, rather than fool around with it anymore I’m just going to start from scratch, now that I know how to set up DVD playback without ruining 3D… I hope.