Dev. Observer

I'd like to create a forum group called "Development Observer" which would give members the ability to view and comment on this board.  The reason being that as we attract more professional development to jME, there are definitely more people who want to participate in the internal development discussions (where there is less noise) but who will not be made developers with write access to the source, etc.

An example of such people could include the folks involved with Project Wonderland, and game developers at Gamalocus, NCsoft, JadeStone, etc.


Good idea.

I have no problem with that.

we need that

sounds good. Only issue with that: there was not much internal discussion here lately

Yeah, I hope we will do better with that in a few weeks.  We plan to release the 2.0 code out to svn very soon…  I'm sorry it has stayed local for so long.  The wait has been part desire to finish out some larger impact code before release (threading, etc. which has not happened, oh well) and part a CYA move making sure we had internal permission at all levels before pushing it out.  (Managers always need assurance that we are not giving away special trade secrets, etc.)

I was thinking maybe instead of giving out access to this forum we should make another one specifically labeled for internal architecture discussions?  That way we can still complain about things here as needed.  :wink:

I would be happy to help with threading architecture, but that would first require access to the code.  :stuck_out_tongue:

That's what will be exciting about getting these other guys involved…  People like the architects of Java3D who on one hand know a whole lot about threading and rendering and on the other hand know where they overdid it in Java3D.  Will make some interesting discussions I'm sure.