Develop Commercial, Console Titles?

Hi.  This is my first post on a game engine forum, so I don't know if I'm making any mistakes here (I'm a n00b, I guess).  Although I am posting this first on the JMonkeyEngine Forum, I really hope that it can apply to all the "open source" game engines that are around.  At this moment, the ones I can see potential in are JME, Irrlicht, Ogre, CrystalSpace, and Elemental Engine II, though there are probably other engines worth mentioning as well, especially projects under the ZLIB License.  Anyway, I chose JME first, only because of a few reasons.  I know that JME is cross-platform and uses Java, as well as having heard of a Sun project called "Sun SPOTS", which allows non-marker visual reference, similar to Wii controllers.  There is some reference to "Project DarkStar", so an alternative streaming network (as opposed to the propriety and well developed "Steam" - BTW, I actually like Steam), could be an interesting combination between console and network, I guess.  But that other stuff is just hypothetical.  What I'm interested in is commercial console game development on an "open source" game engine. 

I did a little research on the various "open source" engines currently available, but there didn't seem to be any that could develop a compiled game onto a commercial console (like PS3, 360, Wii, etc…).  I looked over on DevMaster.Net and searched for any engine that was "open source" but could be ported to the examples above.  I did find one at:

(I put a proxy, just to make sure the links from this post are not going to change, or have the pages taken down by the owner, as some files may be taken down off the group of websites.). 

According to the engine's website, they offer a fairly good deal to potential indy developers, which relies on a modified version of the BSD License.  Basically, a split in 70/30 revenue in your own favor, In-game ads 50/50 revenue split, and a few other important conditions.  Here's a link to the engine's license:

There is another idea that I had and happened to stumble across while searching, which I found that could help in adding to this "open source" addition, into making a dev-kit, or hopefully, integrated into any of the engines.  Not really too sure if it's possible, but I was thinking that perhaps some really creative programmers could implement features onto an "open source" game engine, and open the code for the other engines as well:

Hope that this will open the gates for more open source, independant game developers to make exciting and competitive titles for commercial console systems.  It would allow more competitiveness (in creativity, perhaps even profits), and especially more choice for the System Companies, to choose what they feel would suit their console, as well as do the best for their Brand and Bottom Line.  This would also allow students, who are coming out of their "game development" programs, to easily prototype their polished game, or demonstrate their own ideas to potential Game Development Companies.  Besides, the current benefits which the closed-source developers have outweigh the risk.  Closed-source developers don't need to worry about "open source" engines, because their own engines which they have chosen and tweaked to meet their own specs are professionally market tested and usually a few years ahead of what are currently available anywhere else, unlike (unfortunately) "open source" engines.  Plus, if they see the potential in a particular "open source" project, they may later decide to make a deal and there my even be a chance to purchase all the rights from the owner(s) and tweak it, integrate it, market it, etc, for their own use, right?

If anyone is working on this, please tell us your progress and when you feel confident, please share with all the "open source" game engine communities.  Thanks in advance.

JME will never run on a console since it uses Java.

Getting a game on a console seems difficult. Since you need the permission of Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo. You also need a devkit that is expensive. Then you might as well license a commercial cross platform (console) engine.

The only exception is XNA that runs on XBOX 360. It's not free but comparatively cheep. Maybe a few hundred dollars a year for the permission to upload your game to your own XBOX.

tom, there is an initative to get java on consoles, check back on the forum around september october where lobbyists were being gathered to push this…

theprism said:

tom, there is an initative to get java on consoles, check back on the forum around september october where lobbyists were being gathered to push this...

Sun already spoke about Java on consoles in 2002 and it has never come :( JOGL 2.0 might work on PS3 before the firmware update 2.0 with the RSX driver and Linux but it is not a good solution for casual users.