Developer Status - IMPORTANT

If you have developer status and want to continue to have it, respond to this. If I don’t get a response from people with dev status by noon Wednesday, I will demote you to Observer.

Just doing a little house cleaning.

BTW that’s Noon PST.

I do not have developer status but I would like to request it so I can up load updates to my editer. My editer requiers one folder in jmetest that is less then 100 kb.

ping pong

I still actively use my developer status! :slight_smile: (Even if I’m not posting about it, I make lots of small stability/usability changes.)

Development status… check.


I resign. I dont want developer status. Demote me plz :slight_smile:


@Badmi - I’m going to put a new system into place before any more devs are added. Bare with me.

@DP - Are you being serious, or joking?

dead serious. I dont think I have anything to offer to jME development wise because I just can’t keep up let alone develope. I can never seem to put my ideas into concrete. Perhaps when I do something this summer holiday that is worthwhile, I can get promoted again, but that something has to be special.


PS. Its not because im bored with it, no way, its because I feel inferior to you guys.

DP - I totally understand. I’m in the same boat. But hopefully the 20 or so lines I’ve contributed have helped out in some way. I know what you’ve done and will do will be even more important.

Honestly I think getting games/apps out there that use jME is just as important as doing any work inside the library. We need more people focusing in that direction.

For what it’s worth, I completely agree with renanse. Having a large library of programs that use jME not only helps to promote the API, but it also helps to improve it. The application developers are the ones who find bugs, suggest improvements, etc. It’s a symbiotic relationship*. :slight_smile:

  • I figured I had to use that word at least once today.

We should throw the word synergy out there too if we’re dealing in catch phrases… XD

Just make sure we follow the Java Object Oriented Paradigm encorporating a top down ideaology. Sorry, just spoke with a manager.

Actually in my world, and I’m not kidding, I just heard:

All BFAs of ABCS 7.0 will implement PASS using COTS products, JMTK will display the METOC data provided via JMBL.