Development of a library of tools for the creation of games

Hello everyone, first of all, sorry for my English,

I would like to develop a library of useful tools for the development of video games.

I started by implementing a Controler named TriggerControl which, when attached to a Spatial Empty
Of Blender Software, triggers an event that can be picked up by a Listener in Java.

This can be useful for opening doors, raising or lowering a lift, lighting a lamp, triggering something…

It’s not much but I would like to be able to add several tools that would be useful to the game engine.

We find this kind of functionality in the Unity engine or Unreal Engine.

I do not pretend to say that the code is properly written.

Currently I am trying to create the equivalent of Widgets (Unreal Engine). This creates interactive menus in the scene.

You will find the code here:

Can you help me identify a list of tools that could be useful for developing video games?

thank you in advance


FYI: Lemur already has this. Works for any JME spatial in 2D or 3D.

Here was a demo from way back:

Documentation on the Lemur module that handles this:

Or start here:

…and then adding a listener to any spatial is one line of code (plus the listener implementation)

I thought the lemur library only created 2d or 3d GUIs.

I did not know that other tools were present.