Devlopment process question

Hello everybody,

I an new to this community. I raised a few question about jME development process while working on a COLLADA importer (still under development). I will maybe propose it to the community.

How to know whether of not I am allowed to change an API ? Is there any commitment of API stability ?

For instance: Is is acceptable to remove/change COLLADAImporter API members that are error prone considering COLLADA specs.

Where to deliver code generation/release  material ?

For instance: Developing COLLADA importer required to create an XJC plugin, JAXB Bindings, and XJC ant task. These materials contains subtle tricks, and are required for future maintainability.

Thanks for all.

Under the GoogleCode SVN there is a 2.x branch; any non-bug related changes should go into that. 

EVERY attempt should be made to conform to the current interface, although that is not always gonna be possible…

I am not sure about the documentation, perhaps right in the package it relates to…