Diff between v3.1 and master

Hey Guys,
Here’s what git cherry -v v3.1 master spits out,
It should post any commit which was NOT in v3.1 but is in master. Keep in mind that when someone does a pull request for both branches, those are different commits.
I’ve started to “comment out” changes that are clearly PBR Related

+ 01ed6db77c60772c167919687584f1540a4f4134 Introduced a LightSpace attribute in the TechniqueDef to define in what space LightData should be sent to the shader. Used it for the multipass lighting
+ 7ab9798ad7d40a85079801431ff194205a77485e J3MLoader can now read the LightSpace attribute
+ d662eadce96f853617c75f7f99a982f7918f407a LightSpace is now defaulted to World for SinglePass
+ cecf355c7083473a78d52a65f9b7dea02fd4b374 SinglePass now uses the TechniqueDef LightSpace. The single pass material definition LightSpace has been set to View until we implement it in world space.
+ 8a96772ae3eeeb73b4a93bfe948069ac89f24b6e KTX file loading and writing support
+ 8f129ec72738a2126ab2ac8d31fad6c339077890 Added a test case for KTX loading
// + 3135f2f4bf6ce096665225d1246fdf4773cbf081 Added utilities class to compute the Irradiance Map, and Prefiltered Environment Map needed for PBR indirect lighting.
// + 81c995edc433da41f875a6272ad1c19d92ff5fe3 PBR shader and PBR test case with custom model
+ 8e9148f95fe4f061b8f7e72223f8a1f2ba0ebefb Fix for previous too optimistic merge
+ 7269ff8fd44ecfc9b7ee36c8ffe7856c27842183 fixed CubeMapWrapper after the changes to DefaultImageRaster
+ 4342d97439b83f5263744f49b57240ecfd8a528a Fixed roughness fetch in the spec / gloss pipeline See issue https://github.com/jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine/issues/281
// + 719a683c2c037f8f342acaa2ab15603e7c790c91 Fixed Parallax for PBR lighting
+ 596954b0569374fe3f56aa74951ed2b23f9ea6b4 Redesign of the frag part of unshadedNodes so it's more modular, and can be properly used as GLSL 1.5 shader. Added a stress test for unshadedNodes. Changed the name of the texture parameter to textureMap in TextureFetch shaderNode as it was conflicting with the texture function used to fetch a texel from a a texture in glsl 1.5
+ b0db53b5d62013b4551150d9d1ff9b7122e30c85 Fixed warning when trying to find a srgb format for a Depth format.
// + 69f1677649399f8db4cf7783924be6aef579f797 Moved PBR implementation
// + fc0975c0ccca5c30bd6faea2e96c37dde933fd71 removed old implementation
+ a730da35b447f71b4047f1a1d89cfee18b1062bf FilterPostProcessor now checks for ogl 3.2 capability to use multitsampled textures
+ 7b7c6951ad3736269d7be7ad856d6fe1c5d29dfc Fixed worldLightList sorting when a light is added to a node.
// + a35b499ee7459174568972b922f36fbc824bc1e8 Big refactoring to how PBR is handled. - Introduced a new Light type : LightProbes that are lights holding Image based Lighting information that are sent to the shader. For now, only the closest LightProbe from a geometry is sent to the shader. This will be enhanced later as it's obviously not the best way to handle this. - Added a LightProbeFactory for easy creation and rendering of LightPorbes and associated maps. The maps generation process can also be monitored through a Listener class. - Added various utility classses for debuging purpose. - Added a new test case for environment with multiple LightProbes. - Adapted the previous test case to the new system.
// + b5c946ef0227dbcc52ab11b7a1924b883c04d116 Fixed LightProbe selection according to distance and bounds
+ 63f07856d8afbed8cfd5d1bb235f950ad8fbd451 Fixed an issue in the shader node editor where the editor was failing to open a definition when a variable name began with m_
//+ e159c3918abb61f81a15dcf9ebaa3e8f3e2dba6c Implemented intersectBoundingBox for LightProbe
//+ 7d07a63ebfd89c060207f56516c7fdd5d07687c2 Changes the way the fresnel term is computed in the PBR.glsllib for direct lighting, fixing some artifact when having a point light
//+ 45321fc7d5a2cb248d78e880f534b5d6c303c727 Fixed an issue in material when having classic lights along with a LightProbe
+ c348e3018813ac7e22bd0c546571eec29b3b6ce5 fixed a NPE in the shader node editor when the navigator panel is collapsed
+ 5bd261e11520854beb69c9c435552d708d8b572c added jme3=lwjgl3/build to the gitignore file...
/*+ c76182d37506e1b1833ee934d90b1f26e2cc2520 Updated the create skybox gui in the SDK so that it fits the new API and supports loading equirect Skybox maps.
+ 84e2aba9daec763343fbde2d2e875fd5ffc86039 Initial implementation for adding a LightProbe to a scene in the SDK
+ 39fe8326babf3564aaa1e53ffcde9d4026d6cb9b Added a progress handle for the environment map generation.
+ ab981b76fc3e6c8422d04ce46a6bfe9cb6d347d3 Added a define to toggle indirect lighting on or off, depending if there is a light probe in the light list or not.
+ 866bf8d6946cf2f4ffe07a464b55e679b18273d6 Added a light gizmo for light probe. Refactored the way light markers were done
+ 49c6705bccba7d5ae451603bac81e30b8af67b53 Better LightProbe radius shape
+ 0929bb28451f01423e40f53be726f185af65b0c4 Added a way to change the lightProbe radius in the property panel
+ 7734492c660c97f5a600f1fa5daa94a4231f900b Some cleanup
+ 667afa9ef32ace4931fdee1a0f4050d618448d3a SDK : the probe radius is now a dashed lines cirle
+ d92171b1537ab36543853f2b952791d03d8f50d9 Fixed LightProbe Saving and Loading
+ e438ad09283d454551393c14edadeb6cb7428fee LightProbe maps can now be re rendered in the engine and in the SDK
+ 31d271d9725040cac0b42d622c88ce52e9fe8933 Changed the way indirect lighting is toggled on or of, there was silly problems with previous commit.
+ f010f1be5985b0de6368edac2904be523a13ada3 Fixed an outstanding issue with PBR lighting that was screwing reflection with normal maps.
+ 6c2396f0237e0fa8d6a68ee4a4a5255a9877818b Used the proper Lod finction in the reflect debug material
+ ec8e7d6713fc05e8ca4942fac62bd705f6af3e8b The LightProbe is now treated apart from other lights in the rendering pass as the Ambient light is and is always rendered on the first pass if there are several passes.
+ 52154e1cea4fba83940f4b4ff8c8ab081cfbc525 Introduced a LightProbeBlendingStrategy, that can be passed to the default light filter upon construction. It sets how multiple LightProbes will be blended or selected for the final render. This is meant to be highly customizable as there are already several strategies with pros and cons in the industry and some may arise in the future.
+ 1276dc583e3a4cfc4514218b265371678e193f43 Point Of Interest light probe blending start of implementation : basic structure, probes selection and blend factor computation.
+ 9e1a1f61314cc5371e679a9038cf27769731b3e8 PBR, fixed the way metallic material base color was handled for indirect lighting. Also calibrated roughness so that it matches Substance painter renderer.
+ ab76585ff2b94da2231e488a35839139d6939d80 More fine tuning calibration of roughness, and various visual fixes for PBR
+ 718b66ba629c43cb8686558a2ab764cdb054e825 Added support of overriding
+ b4737b02066dd3bf270c7eaf0effbcafa2c9ad64 Fixed indirect light extraction in Material
+ a670877df172a06e6a96d52a417671084d748c0c Fixed Image disposal in LightProbeFactory (issue https://github.com/jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine/issues/424)
+ c4c72f29695743b59ae5a617a9bbd95b944f632e Added PBR reference test case
+ b87b582f986d713e52f360d4a8ab5583132de9d9 Fix incorrect normal map shading in PBRLighting.
+ 65a8ee0f2ebfa30c5d9602e82cd50762e3f6984a PBRLighting now use the world normal to fetch irradiance instead of the reflection vector. Also added some comment for the parallax fix to explain what it does and where it comes from
+ 7190da4df091170d8a3aa64c337b83a32b6c4555 PBRLighting Uses the world normal fetched from the texture...
+ e2f180811cb04e4bc38ee71c6dfbc4608e30ded9 PBR calibration with recent changes
+ da9d38fee6248a47b6e8c3bd65a26f640f4bccc8 Updated the Tank maps, (SP2 generates smaller maps) also reverted last calibration changes as it was screwing up the real life models...
+ 556aaa439680ab923cf80611d81785c39224f916 Normalized the wNormal and wTangent before computing the TBN mat in the PBRLighting frag shader
+ 4abba9b56c4ec57b0bff91ee75f7fcfdd0b7af96 Get normals and tangent synced with mikk tangent space.
+ 2a44aa4aecccabec6d96ed5f7ea0d4614b967c89 Reversed raytest results when needed
+ 513eedaea1df73dd7378ca8abbd4f51f4059b74e Fixed a little bug I left on reversing the list :S:
+ 17ef34ad3a53dec29a89e39ea84a3bd78463c946 Fixed a crash with singlepass an multipass TDL when a lightProbe is added to the scene
+ 7101bbe1e0742817035a7605b9c659f838944b58 Fixed the name of shadow shaders in PBRLighting.j3md,  it has changed since the merge with master*/
+ 0ecaa3bc8db948fc0a7b2ee4a2a215672093329f Remove the LightSpace entry in Lighting.j"md as it not needed anymore
+ ab15f5c57c20caaeb3b8cdae2367604b660a7f94 started with the OpenCL api for jme3
+ 70ef220c2be3491a3c1c51c358cf3eb07c1f1842 Fix material sharing
+ 195a5a69be1d2662c94291c19867c517d5b75591 added first version of the cl wrapper in CL.java, contains a subset of the OpenCL specification
+ bb15931fa2c50ef16c1cd10efc7f2236478e15bc started with context creation
+ 53ebaba1e25e7d13de161fe62e705fa0e062ea69 listing and choosing devices
+ e02eec0abd52b600d0b6f00a806576a063e7fa66 added customizability of the platforms and devices by PlatformChooser
+ e469af2ebcb1bb9c01a45be7e63e1ba474075d73 implemented LwjglCommandQueue, LwjglBuffer and LwjglEvent, added buffer test to HelloOpenCL
+ 6326daa120abd2a5620fda2e483809a9a772d202 implemented program building
+ ecda9135adf3fc8b07554dadaa2fae8a7da3160e implemented kernel execution
+ a6be243db1654e6fa6781a0047f10ee6f94eaac8 refactoring of Context: moved simplifying functions from LwjglContext to Context
+ 4416295069b81c4f020c17acc960c68a77cfc51e started with the image api, refactored buffer
+ d36c957f5e8aa7649ae1f7dc0b59477276120b53 implemented image operations
+ 0d003275a7687fd65f55bbc7fd1cfb911758dc77 implemented image sharing and added julia set testcase
+ 0c47bf18c94f9e78d95f393996caa189b74483be added memory managing: native resources are now automatically released
+ 60f10bb604881ba7473391c3d4fd2d86ac576735 renamed DefaultPlatformChooser and moved it to the core, some small fixes
+ 03282a7c8616bfed0747e351ad155b815ea57d18 added example for vertex buffer sharing
+ 196cbc80421981b4e28ed675808ca059c4795bd1 started with the documentation
+ ee43853ff18447712a628a58f02f0ab2ceac3e37 docs, docs, docs
+ adc7ad757e752c29526169e52319fc3063b4e778 Move OpenALSoft source files to build directory Move the zip file downloaded from OpenALSoft and the extraction folder to within the build folder so that are ignored by git and cleaned appropriately.
+ 3e122c96859fe3116a62bde4ad4d1dfb2bf3558b Update OpenALSoft native libraries
+ b7efc437bead61b8a08d990186ce8f69249497f8 Move files to build directory Move the downloaded files to build directory and moved the unzip folder to the build directory so that they are ignored by git and cleaned appropriately.
+ 8899bec0cbe9fab442085b7cc36123847e718ec2 Update native libraries
+ f65dd517c904480239152826d7bbc4f36afdc8d3 Reworked original FBX importer
+ 4b6be2a78988207ff0c046d5e7c356cb0dea9ecb FBX Importer cleanup
+ 794932104beddd133e93053f80c6d00cdf6b75eb Fix compatibility with Java 7
+ 510c40955fd47d9be0b0fe5cf3b8c9e4f810cc05 some more documentation
+ 681b2101dce29061f6c8588d23d125218f943a32 Fix building with JRE 1.7
+ 2024fe7acfc8ff078b8e2c6dc7402a217ebdea18 Reduced the amount of warnings being logged during mesh triangulation. The warnings are now collected and displayed only once for each mesh they appear in.
+ 1515c14e46f533a8b15f48f1076e89acf01bde82 build: change master version to 3.2
+ 1093c639ebb5a0626c7054d9dcd72b58dc01f3d6 finished documentation
+ 7fc740285564ec33459fe0e502ca770981b82e0b changed author name
+ c04e162c2c08e053413ccd07b15fafcaa3aba97d Initial Commit for Android Examples Module Module to run jME3 tests on Android platform.  Test cases are copied in from the jme3-android project and the jme3-examples.
- eee51f39f97dad2dc09533a636e5a8cbceb6a67e Add GImpact collision algorithm to physics spaces
+ dea0f5fd6dc3fddce7f8459f744429553c91d1ea Update passing parameters from test chooser to test activity/fragment.
+ c320c919a516be2af29255673a4303e325ba0e2e Add test cases from jme3-examples module. Must run jme3-examples.build task first in order to create the jme3-examples.jar file.  If this is not done, only the test classes from jme3-android will be included.
+ 74e398342f49e107314749f82455b3c03a7a4b89 build: only update version file when it changed
- 311ea2692feec27e4a8550d2942433ec2f39bf57 android-examples: use correct maven group
+ d6ffa4e9ff91c2f88ed3bbf5dd3872fea2182688 build: minor cleanup
+ c8437218060b4e332c2d140e59340615a83e92a7 build: check file exists before getting text
- deb3f21b7e809900ca4d53cafe013e74eb078f15 travis: dont cache netbeans folder anymore
- 5d2cee01878e159caf2597212ab881533e4cc720 build: update to gradle 2.13
- cd0893005a3e708db7c5e7ae0f4c4f3a42ef5c1b build: fix build error
- dd816a02a0131df6ad3d0bb953402987a315c122 travis: use cache rules from docs
- 7fdc49e1e3a5913659b38d40a97f3f9321615863 travis: only create dist if deploying
- 4aa614108ece1a82e5a9047f829dc77427645f36 pom: fix incorrect inception year
- f4f65620ec27a1f1bd79c41f7959e3c4f7d8c9ff travis: set known hosts using travis config
+ a26e526945aba00220a99fb0d734b04257b3163b Added an experimental Jocl binding.
+ 4be60130689522eba4cbf36f89024f53b527bc26 reworked releasing system.
+ 54113f35e048dc27653ca9a1c84fea1ac48ee069 added alternative versions for kernel launches and resource acquiring that do not return an event. This improves the performance.
+ 22307257e028536342df6644448e234a3f31d7a1 added querying of the program binaries and building the programs from these binaries.
+ efef3d54e145ff25f9c901c125ffcdefefbe0d96 Querying the program binaries won't be supported by the Jocl binding.
+ a2df82b9e0d23b7aa31ddbded6fb1144b7334f36 implemented a cache for program objects
+ b53de6aedc1f8db5cdbc006713f93529345dab96 Remove tests from jme3-android. Android specific tests are to be included in jme3-android-examples.  Non-Android specific tests are imported from jme3-examples.
+ c219ce1b4f5faebc001f9d659fb1b82f456c18a9 Update AndroidLocator to allow assets to be stored in Android assets, drawable, or mipmap directories. Texture assets can now be stored in Android Drawable and Mipmap directories.  Allows Android to automatically select the closest matching image asset for the actual device configuration (ie. lower resolution textures for lower-end devices).  Search order is:  assets -> drawable -> mipmap.  First match found is returned.
+ 8c080102337ecde8af7f29db454167d87a6ae089 Add test for assets stored in drawable / mipmap directories and add verbose logging menu option support. Still need to add the menu to the layout file for the MainActivity.
+ e5c6673df1edb08bb159bc9f142a4dc96d4715f1 Update Android Plugin for Gradle to version 2.1.0. Upgrade of gradle to 2.13 was causing some issues.
+ 1e23cfcb0ab5e27fe845691b65229242e96f5789 Add Menu to Test Chooser Activity. Provides way to enable/disable the following when starting a test:  Mouse Events, Joystick Events, Key Events, Verbose Logging.
+ b7b194748607a217f4237c8386ff941049c3c2cb Add Menu item for display of Soft Keyboard in Android Examples. Useful when running tests that include using a key to initiate some action.
+ fd98c6b8f0a9192c6ee8069a98600235abe9c2eb Improve some error handling on class name searching
+ 8f9cd92f99fc81cfe4e34ed6810b9cb2466850b3 Change Menu items on Main Activity to all be inside Menu dropdown.
+ 1ff8e3b66b294fcfcb88b28976e71a48dea742c6 Add icon for Show Keyboard Menu and enable it in Menu
+ 13a0d36b56a100024f4806853b6c1e8b1ea277f3 Remove unused lights
+ df30846496bed9d48ae039a641269494d21a0b86 Remove border from jme fragment
+ cbedf5ef083c5b6e407c25e9d3c47f4029959732 Add test case for using Android Sensors as Joystick Axes (including rumble).
- b01d356ee4609c1a6169c12f09307afefc95aba4 niftygui: add nifty repository to POM
- 0c32c24e5e5c48ba538d72e58767b21bc4989d70 bullet native: fix mingw target platform
+ 1e4c378a06d071df57d0734a134f3ad8ec50ed45 android-examples: reduce logging level for test chooser
+ e35bb7dcbc618b82c8ea3cdda816622cea91955b added a constructor that disables the program cache: used during development
+ 5e098b049300c52d8e00a8f090d674319c07d736 worked on LWJGL3 support
+ 7b133bb452f6b2ba685d0d36872da60a050d1acd Android-Examples: Add KeepScreenOn property to layout of test activity.
+ d1fc89e155fd3ffcb1495c201733468352128196 Android-Examples: Add new test case for testing Mouse, Touch, and Key Events.
+ 9a3dce2fb3a81b01b7b3aee6d2f23b34a2c85bcc OpenGL/CL sharing is not working with lwjgl3. It seems that the context is set up the wrong way.
+ 0e064e2d6a5a00285858bfff7c1a70190c005f1b MaterialDef is now savable
+ 81053352ac3630d750e667c10fb78b471fdaf185 initial and partial implementation of a j3md exporter with test
+ 44899098e26534f8b8154f61d9b0469533148082 added dependency resolving and a random number library
+ c162d474c772f30a768b927741c60e73d2798ff8 added matrix support for kernel arguments (mapped to float16)
+ 8d01c5a26fcb1e0d19a62976074ee2e3893ea7bc MatDef is not Savable anymore. Kind of reverted previous commit and implemented and very straight forward exporter for J3mds that doesn't use the Savable process of jme3 since it's designed to save the whole graph and not only subparts of it like materials and material defs. The API stays the same though
+ 4e55e0e5a0f459a78a83905d269f527b57294775 added library for Matrix3f, fixed some bugs
+ 5de286e291740b533a9c9b328b4493a0dfaf6e35 Better j3md export test
+ 5117d108e6cc71f60f0e981d7a5a7b7a0cd16331 Android-Examples: Fix doc for test case
+ 898079eded3d05395ee09c9b67a4d59b54bd30d3 Android-Examples: update doc
+ 250c871cab0d691bdd339ed65354735070672276 Added a library for Matrix4f
+ 732e75fba6269e715f4018f8b98bdba17999c2d5 fixed unmapping of buffer objects and an error in setArg in Lwjgl3's Kernel
+ e32ebe11bba3cf3ff54c188e1abe37e5d677c6b7 fixed context creation for LWJGL3
+ bd491dc416552771d293843743f8211fd54e929c removed fixmes
+ a52a51cb271008cbb5266d8079932686290a68c3 typo fix in materials & shaders, also fix some javadoc
+ 63fb53f6e4db07b84bfd9be84e495c6e7c30744a more typo ... ytpo ytop opyt ;)
- 334cad465701d71374b41938abf61d90a0b17f9a proper equal and hashcode for ShaderNodesVariables.
+ 93080f506af3570fee72b239851fdce7473b5a77 Bugfix: fixed a bug that caused some models to be half-transparent when it was not needed.
+ 5a5ffdc2ae6f80993dabff1431e84e74e42dc6df First attempt of fix for the issue #490
+ 4cd424ad03f3a07b23b479d54114ef5ee141c786 Ordering physics rayTest returned list instead of reversing it.
+ 3b0e0766c553ad868e79dafcc395d1e47253cf27 Oops!
- 60a031dc029a311e03106885d9a15c7caffdc280 Fixed an issue in the fog filter's shader that was preventing it to run on android
+ 8a058c61f14a92e2e426f295afbf6e28aa4c5637 Changed LinkedList for ArrayList in rayTests
+ dd22ebefddc2d153bce2ae8b28798852eeeb9b9a Implemented Program.getBinary() with Jocl.
+ e5e5128a652efaf6c5d9f143045dcf4555bd4801 Fixed Program.getBinary() for LWJGL3
+ 66b8447caa98699fd909052bdc86c72bbfbac66b Added pre-order traversal as an alternative to the default post-order depth first search traversal
- 9e187647d01b2994d8ba4eb0c925c3e4522d562a Fix Hardware Skinning in 3.1 by implementing proper Array Serialization for MatParams and making the Shared Materials Check only a warning (it would pop up once each time you load the j3o and if you really use Shared Materials you have weird animations and some log spamming)
+ dcdcbc3a97b44c7803cbf5dcaa68108053cfe4e9 added test for context switching.
+ a834a4dad6061ebeb5b93e21ec502326c12dc94d added test for multiple parallel applications: multiple OpenCL contexts do not work
- 619a323b9df2814461282d4e1c734374a6202157 Fixed an issue when resizing the viewport, with a FPP and antialiasing would stop rendering
+ a20a84cf42c578b26e442bc66e942d99028893cd fixes issue https://github.com/jMonkeyEngine/jmonkeyengine/issues/506 : Material->toString() does not prevent/check for possible NPEs
+ 03318a6766af6b02458d0e92c23046b2f03f4092 Fixed Point2PointJoint.createJoint() incorrectly creating btHingeConstraint
+ 22db3212e18ff7ae8d498c33753456de49eb2649 Finally fixing this https://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/t/jmonkey-3-1-native-bullet-bug/33595/3 http://www.bulletphysics.org/Bullet/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=12158&f=9&t=
+ eb07d69cd89fdb4a58df9655c84a8fa9dee35112 missing toString() methods added
+ 46db6d95f86e1b2068f872ccb75b81b5d76334a8 Added getter method for the device associated with a command queue
+ a8d77a7cd18d5a390efc0315e971b231306d020f OpenCLObject.register() now returns this.
+ 56558841e76600e0b3a3bba548c45750d8c5c645 CylinderCollisionShape: don't print warning if scale = 1,1,1
+ cdc708dcda0b648f646e3fffa1658acf33a10721 userdata to null again once all data is removed.
+ f3319d3fd650346adc2c5526909f27d9759a793f Fix npe
+ ce82a8a7b90179cf19881550e400db9b04533053 improved the setUserData method.
- 9c669547ab875885e95197604e1e8b1c161a0c20 Changed iteration over List from for-each to manual iteration.
- b524dcd66d950292bf0074c8333c278b17a24359 Added iteration using iterator, if List is not ArrayList.
- 8e8186de0acffa372e5ba67afda456a2ce7fca99 Changed overrides from ArrayList to SafeArrayList for GC and iteration performance reasons. Fixed bug in SafeArrayList.equals().
- 76cbd4578423d2fafab931f2b1bd4b09a4207964 Removed auto-centering of mouse cursor
+ 67fb8fc81241720b831094ac1533c3c2bd647d89 Fixed an issue in SinglePAssAndLightBasedLogic where texture units were not properly assigned
+ 201010b6f0bf8d65bdf04fdbcd2d178db9cf95e6 fixed a merge issue in the previous bomb merge
+ 848a9217d04184ebda03544cdaed2190d1d4f2c7 Extracted an Allocator interface for DirectByteBuffers
+ bc701c174bff7536268b78af3848d4d1698b8841 Extracted an Allocator interface for DirectByteBuffers
+ c71d87ed71eea0774da27bdd7c3b984519736703 Extracted an Allocator interface for DirectByteBuffers
+ 4b5c945d80d5a4c24a9892117ff342c3c8d00824 Fix for travis
+ e5747c2faaa53cc606795830ed89200ba7da144a Update bullet to 2.83.7
+ 7f87a92c72e3c5730dc3cacdceb5ee5cc7a07270 Bullet: Remove multithread support that is not available anymore. And was never used by the engine in the first place.
+ 2958fc53d7c4732c45e08c60a26132eed78a1dbc Disable buildNativeProjects
- c9b5f9eb593d8e1872fa24fe1dfc31061883f527 Added ability to set framebuffer image format used in FilterPostProcessor.
+ dea6f6ab1c10ed32603dec49582e598e44128a4b - fix ReflectionAllocator use wrong buffer allocator to initialize - add jemalloc allocator
- 62d92d75ca6c4c15a4d4965192283444c61f78e2 Use texture() instead of texture2D() in bloomExtract15 and bloomFinal15
+ 85d62d44aab541bb723416a853cdac2f577ef2d9 Revert "jemalloc allocator and reflection allocator fix"
+ 810a4c3350f99703b27b07cb198f0c753e7d01f0 fix for wrongly marking as used, thanks to AlrikG for finding this
+ 846232063c976db256dfb20edbd26770fb852544 whitespace tab to 4spaces formating only change
+ b4c6febe4c7da780e5ee782b44da6f1fcfa0b612 whitespace tab to 4spaces formating only change
+ 6b1656f33703ef4ba8c5d90004657c5bc094faae Compile with Ofast and disable _FORTIFY_SOURCE
+ e602ed651a77203cd1e304181d2b36f2ed6baa1a Remove commented/unused code.
+ eaa9858b18c4dbd84b667ea21f8601a8c2796a53 - Replaced console outputs by the standard java logging concept and removed obsolete Sysout-Calls. - No functional changes. - added missing override tags.
+ e89e0e7c12fee154181d710cecb18fcb6b62d60b Added a way to approximate the normals for the SSAO filter instead of rendering an additional geometry pass.
+ f820bbfd94c16021f8a360796ff499f0d1ce2d28 Fixes the reflection allocator with Java 9, tested with Java 9 Early Access build 129 and OpenJDK 1.8.0 update 101
+ d0f0cfe5e739be8088d9a048315d98e732abb95c Fixes a spelling mistake in the reflection allocator
- 7efbccfe4d4eb2044558b6f829cd9ee6fbc32a47 Changed the int value of EdgeFilteringMode.Nearest from 0 to 10 as it seems a define with a 0 value is now ignored.
- 68c082c13ded1ceaed63a8e1047e8a4d59366b44 fixed transparent shadows on mac.
- 662a0151e208ddb632e9aef2cb69cfa135f006d5 fixed glsl 1.0 version of the postShadowFilter shader
+ aeb4daf04f20d32aeb3400cd43addfd15c5a7455 Fixed some issue with textureCubeLod in the PBR shader with early versions of glsl
+ 8f701460aaa75bf9d597733f3d129d33818d410e used enable instead of require for the textureCubeLod extension
+ 85c119c13249139ae561c3aaeeaa38882bfb76f8 Changed the way IBL is switched on and off in the PBR shader and in the technique def logic because the old way was causing some issues on mac... for some unknown reason. Now it's toggled on and off with a define, but there might still be some issues on mac when there are several lighting passes.
+ 5aa8af28cdc77dd7c5476d623750f7b11a3092e1 fixed Lod functions overload in GLSLCompat lib
+ beb5033747245f30ee7439162b1a6ba0d8ac605c added GLSL compat to the pbr shader
+ 2c388e489aaee7b7ced2bb0cc493397d319b5400 null check on the lightList in SinglePassAndImageBasedLightingLogic.makeCurrent. as it may be null when you preload
+ 9665b985e4c8565b6131dff2d360c04cff0ec458 Fixed wrong alpha handling in the pbr shader
- 0262b72258d1b9b1b2e490ce8b6ee07aeaa66f82 Using LegacyApplication in the iOS Harness just like it has been done for Android in 3c56afe

We might need a different approach, maybe a simple graphical one, since this is bad to read, especially the PBR stuff. I might simply go through the PBRisComing Branch and remove those from the list.

@nehon: I’ve found commits like these:

+ c76182d37506e1b1833ee934d90b1f26e2cc2520 Updated the create skybox gui in the SDK so that it fits the new API and supports loading equirect Skybox maps.
+ 84e2aba9daec763343fbde2d2e875fd5ffc86039 Initial implementation for adding a LightProbe to a scene in the SDK
+ 39fe8326babf3564aaa1e53ffcde9d4026d6cb9b Added a progress handle for the environment map generation.
+ ab981b76fc3e6c8422d04ce46a6bfe9cb6d347d3 Added a define to toggle indirect lighting on or off, depending if there is a light probe in the light list or not.
+ 866bf8d6946cf2f4ffe07a464b55e679b18273d6 Added a light gizmo for light probe. Refactored the way light markers were done

I guess those re-created the sdk folder? Or did they simply vanish?

They shoudl be in the SDK project now.
I’ve split the projects a while back, but the split process doesn’t remove the commits in the original repo.

I’ve checked it actually. Your Merge created some files in the sdk folder but only those which you didn’t modify.
But yeah, I should still have the PBR Branch in the SDK, so I’ll merge them roughly around christmas maybe? (I like to still keep 3.1 a bit before moving on)

So far I got a pretty good candidate list with this:

git log --pretty=format:'%H' --no-merges v3.1..master --not origin/PBRisComing shamanDevel/OpenCL

Excludes PBR and OpenCL as well as all the merge commits.

Then you can exclude the cherried changes by intersecting with:

git cherry v3.1 master | grep -E "^\+" | cut -d' ' -f2

In the end you get 101 commits that only exist in master.