Differences between Linux and Windows


I’m developing my project under Linux and now I have tested it under Windows and found some differences. For example detaching a child from a node gehaves different between Linux and Windows. See the following code:


enqueue(new Callable<Object>() {


public Object call() throws Exception {


return null;




If the right mouse button is released this code is called to detach the translationLineX from the gizmoNode. The translationLineX is a simple geometry that contains a line.

Under Linux (and MacOS) it works fine and the translationLineX is detached after clicking. Not so unter Windows: there the line is still visible.

Does anyone have a idea, how I can fix this problem under Windows?

Has nothing to do with detachChild(). It works the same on every platform.

Most likely the code is not run because of some other reason. That should be easy to check.

If it’s not that then there must be some display driver bugs or something. I can assure you that if the code is run then the geometry is removed on every OS.

How do you listen for mouse release?

Not that I think it is related but I’ve noticed that in Java Swing the pop-up-trigger is called differently for right-clicks on windows and linux. On one platform it is for mouse-pressed, the other it is for mouse release. Maybe it is something similar in your environment that makes a difference.