Different forces for jumping vs falling on Character Control

I’ve noticed this occur earlier on, but now that I’m starting to do more stuff to the character controller, I need to clear up this issue.

When my character jumps off a platform, he falls at a constant rate. When he walks off, however, he falls really fast.

Also, when my character is on the ground, and I apply [java]walkDirection.addLocal(0,1.2f,0);[/java] He moves up at a nice rate but falls to the ground really fast. However, if he is jumping and this is applied, he moves up extremely fast and disappears off the screen. Even if I try [java]walkDirection = new Vector3f(0,1.2f,0);[/java] ,the same effect occurs.

This must be a simple issue I’m not getting. What’s going on/what do I not understand or have I missed about the use of walkDirection in the CharacterControl?

Lower the step height

If you set the walkdirection upwards then obviously it will move upwards…?

@wezrule: I’ll try lowering the step height

@normen: Well, I know that, but what I’m saying is that when he on the, he moves upwards at a regular pace, but if I do the same thing in the middle of a jump, he moves super fast up. I want him to move at the same pace, regardless if he is in a jump or not.