Different Material

Hi people, I cannot figure out why I cannot see the same material with what I see in Blender and SceneComposer. Here is some photos to illustrate:

Blend File
Ogre Material File
Ogre Mesh File

Among other things, the way your model looks like depends on the lighting.
Try other light-types and materials in your app/Scene Composer.

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Thank you so much! I tried via PointLight and this is the result :

However what is the problem with the ambient light :S ?

Ambient light is not directional so that’s what made your shape gray… all light was the same all over.

If you want light then you have to add a real light… either point light, directional light, etc… if you notice in the scene compose your ticked the light button on to give the scene a light. That light was directional.

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Another thing iv noticed with jme3 is that my blender model textures are only use as diffusemaps, creating the object material in scene composer then modifying it to assign the same texture to the lightmap results in a different look.

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Yeah, I was wondering that issue either :wink: Good Point.