Different MotionEvent speeds for different waypoints?


Does anybody know if (and how) it’s possible to have a MotionEvent have different speeds (durations) for different MotionPath waypoints?

What I’m doing at the moment is set up a MotionPathListener and upon completion of a significative waypoint, set up another MotionEvent with a different speed (and other waypoints) in a way that they are relaying each other through many listeners. Something tells me it’s not the right way to go about this.

Thx :smiley:

Well that’s the Way I would do it as well.
How about simply adding mutliple MotionEvents to your Cinematic without having the MotionPathListener?
You know, like:

cinematic.add(MotionEvent1, 0f);
cinematic.add(MotionEvent2, 0.5f); // When Event1 has a Duration of 0.5f
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facepalm well yeah, this makes much more sense. Thanks! +1’ed your answer :smiley: