Different pivots to rotate same objects

Hi guys,

Can you give me some orientation, please… jmonkey newbie and confused :confused:

I have a set of nodes. I create sub-sets of nodes dynamically, depending on certain situations. This sub-set has to rotate then around it’s center.

A certain node can change sub-set, depending of situation. The node keeps the same, same position, but is grouped with different nodes (in order to be rotated together with them).

So I have somewhere mapping of node, condition → node group, and node group → rotation pivot (parent node)

I thought the solution would principially be get certain node group, look for corresponding pivot, attach the group (implemented as array) to the pivot (this way dettaching it from old pivot), and of course rotate pivot then.

First question, do you think that’s a good idea?

And the second question, if yes: how do I keep the nodes always at the same world coordinates? I don’t want them to be repositioned when changing parents.