Different textures side by side on a mesh?

i have a 300x300 field, and on every cell of the field i want one of the ~30 textures.

when I make a separate Mesh + it's texture for every single cell, then I have only 20-30 fps… (to much draw calls)

so, is it possible to put ~30 different textures on a single mesh (side by side), so that i could make the whole field as 1 Mesh?

if yes, how?^^


do you mean 30 tex's per cell or 30 tex's on the field where one mesh has one of the 30 tex's?

And how do you put the tex's on the mesh (instantiating the tex)?

texture atlas, reducing the batch count

@Lutherion: I made my first post more clear :wink:

@Empire Phoenix:

the problem is that i have a given format how the textures are saved and I can’t change that…

so does it make sense to generate the texture atlas on every map change?

or does it take to long?


Here you can see what i want, but with higher fps^^

at the moment this consists of ~90000 meshes, but only < 30 different textures

so i thought it would be better to make map as only 1 mesh, but I didn’t know how to put the textures on it…

I've got a similar problem – I'm using a tiled texture and manipulating the texture coordinates to select the desired texture tile