Difficult Blender import, j3o bug

I have an blender object, thats quite difficult to import. When I’m directly using loadModel not all faces are drawn, which is because some objects seem to be polygons. If I export with “Triangulate faces” in blender, the loadModel script crashes. So I wrote an own .obj importer, where the model really looks exactly the same, and is compatible to all .obj files, as long as they use Triangulate faces. I didn’t really want to load the obj everytime, so I tried to save the resulting geometry/spatial to a j3o file, but when loading this j3o file I have 2 problems: 1) Some faces do not look the same (see screen) 2) the GlowMap is lost.

When I convert the *.blend file in SDK the glowmap is lost. When I convert the obj file in SDK I didn’t find a solution to add the glowmap until now. The object has the same “invisible” triangle like in the screenshot.
Quite interesting: When I select the *.blend file and select “Show model”, the glowmap is shown!

What can I do? Or is it better just to stay with the .obj? In this case, how can I add the .obj files to deployment? (They aren’t included in assets.jar)

The left object is the reimportet j3o, the right object is created by my .obj importer

First thing is to learn about game ready models:



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You should not deploy .obj, as they are larger need way longer to load and are easily rippable by users of the deployed product.

thanks for your help!

Awesome tutorial! Really great! Do you have one for models with animations as well? XD


I was talking about the video;)