Digging through dirt

Are there any plans to add a standard digging tool? Or have I simply not found it yet? I feel it would be nice to level out ground where you intend on building your personal fort, or it might also be fun to tunnel into the ground and create a safe haven. I know heavy guns can “dig” but it’s a little messy. xD

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yeah, I can add a standard digging tool. I’ll make a shovel-like tool – but I’m also open to suggestions on how to make it more of a unique experience compared to other block-like games (if its possible!).

Well, it could be a projectile tool that relies on energy (or limited charges like the builder). Sorta’ like a digging laser, maybe (though for the purposes of gameplay it could be treated as a standard projectile, though I don’t think it should have any effect in combat).

Just a quick idea. Hopefully it helps you find inspiration on a way to make it unique.

I can’t remember whether or not you ‘collect’ the resources from destroying an object or not, but either way a cool and unique way to dig might be with a ‘vortex’ mine/grenade/projectile/whatever. You could plant/throw/shoot/whatever the ‘vortex’ on/above the ground where you want to dig and the vortex would start and begin to ‘rip’ the resources out of the ground, all collecting at the center of the vortex.

That’s an interesting idea, but it doesn’t really account for digging sideways (i.e. into the sides of hills), unless there’s something I’m missing. I also don’t feel that dirt should be a collectable resource. I don’t honestly think dirt would be that easy to carry around in blocks that you could place wherever you want.

I really like the idea of your digging laser! I think this will be done :slight_smile:

This will likely not be in the next release – there are a few kinks I have to work out until this can get done:

  1. If a player heavily digs out an area, calculating a safe location a player should spawn in that area in multiplayer (or to a lesser degree, single player) gets tricky.
  2. Since the height of the world is infinite, I only can calculate so high above a block to see if it should be shaded from the sun. If a player digs really deep, beyond this threshold, the block will be fully lit during the day.

    These are problems that would only occur in vertically deep holes… I could get this feature out quicker if I limited the “deepness” of holes…


Hhrrmm… that seems strangely familiar :smiley: