Dimension Drifter game (Now with Joystick support)

Dimension Drifter is a 2D platform adventure game where you the player must navigate your way through a multi dimensional universe.

Complete a level and enter the portal which takes you to the next dimension.
No level will ever look the same.

Download link

Controls are:

  • Left = Left arrow/A
  • Right= Right arrow/D
  • Jump = Up arrow/W
  • Double jump = Up arrow x2 / W x2
  • Shoot= Spacebar

Here is a preview video:


good job !

Hi you all,
Here is a updated version of Dimension Drifter.
It now has Joystick support. I only have one joystick to test with so it would be awesome if someone else can test it with a different joystick.

Here is the link for the latest version : Download link with joystick support

Some screenshots:


Hey, good job. Congratulations on completing a game :slight_smile:

However you probably want to heavily reduce the text signs. All I see in the video is text sign after text sign.

Especially picking up items and going through portals is something players will intuitively do.
“Show, don’t tell.” and the extension “Do, don’t show.” are really powerful tools.