Dimensions of TerrainPage

Is there anyway to find the dimensions of a TerrainPage? I've created a TerrainPage based on a 64x64 heightmap and now I want to place models on specifix areas of this terrain page. For that, however, I need to know the world dimensions of the terrain page. I'm probably missing a very obvious solution, but I can't see it.

i have no jme code here at this moment, but it should be something like:

size = heightmap size * heightmap step scale * terrain page world scale

edit: note that when placing objects on the terrain, the origins of terrain pages and terrain blocks are not in their center but in some corner.

Thanks for the help, I'll try it now.

you could also set the bounds of the terrain to a bounding box and after updating the bounds you would have all sizes you need.

Talking about the TP and dimensions…

with an heightmap of 128x128 and with a scale of 1x1x1, how much big (in meter) is the terrain ?

that depends on how much a unit is in your application. it's up to you to define that.

for example you could have one meter being 0.5 of a unit, or one meter being 30 units.

This would man that,

if I have a block of terrain genereted from a 128x128 heightmap

and i decide that in the scene it is a 1000km X 1000km land

I only need to make the player and other models  very very small.

But, would the view of the camera, be accorind to this ?

you would have to adjust your camera frustrum values.