DirectionalShadowMap doesn't work... why?

Hi there!

I'm trying to use the DirectionalShadowMapPass for shadowing my scene. But actually no shadows appear…  :?

I am using a modified BaseSimpleGame which I combined with JME Physics 2 to use that as well. In my initSystem() I wrote this:

pManager = new BasicPassManager();

RenderPass rPass = new RenderPass();

shadowPass = new DirectionalShadowMapPass(new Vector3f(0, -100, 200));
shadowPass.setViewTarget(new Vector3f(0, 100, 0));

BTW: I don't get any RenderPass to work at all... Some of them doesn't seem to be supported on my machine. I tried out the BloomRenderPass f.e. by running the test-class and it said "nope".

What OS, video card and driver?

Windows XP Pro

ATI Radeon 9000 Series

drivers are app. 6 month old

Hope that doesn't mean trouble…

Actually, I think that is an issue…

The ATI 9000 is a pretty old video card, which if I remember correctly is on the order of the Geforce MX series.  I am pretty sure it will support vertex shaders but not GLSL shaders (pipeline).  Both the bloom pass and DirectionalShadowMap use GLSL shaders, although the DirectionalShadowMapPass should fall back to non-GLSL…

Is this a laptop or desktop?

It's a Desktop.

Yeah, the R9000 is pretty old. It's probably time for a new card, isn't it?

yup, yup :slight_smile:

(At least its not a laptop ;))