DirectX and JOGL renderers?


does anyone know if support for DirectX and JOGL is still being

worked on, and if so, when is it be expected to be in released?


I think DirectX support is not even planned at all, since most of the engine seems to be hooked on OpenGL concepts. The devs can say more about how's the always planned JOGL support.

No other renderer is currently under development.  I'm certainly interested in the directx stuff lwjgl folk are working on though.

I think we should remove that JOGL support "is planned" wherever we see it. It's not planned, because all of the devs are quite happy with LWJGL. There were some users working on it, but that fell through.

I think it'll only be intresting to do this if JOGL (as JSR 231) is ever included by default on any significant platform (escp if it's in the JRE itself). Despite JOGL "fans" listing that as an advantage I know of no such plans to actually make that happen though.

Thanks for the info.

Implementing DirectX on the LWJGL level sounds like the perfect solution.

But I thought that LWJGL is only a thin layer around OpenGL, and hence is structured very much like OpenGL? Is it even possible to port it to DirectX and stay API compatible?

The DirectX binding of LWJGL will have a different API than the OpenGL binding, it will just be in the same style as LWJGL (and other LWJGL stuff like the input system can be re-used, and eventually the LWJGL code for creating the window contex, setting the application icon etc.).

jME is a scenegraph, while it's true a lot of constants and methods names are somewhat derived from OpenGL, that's mostly "speech". The same type of concept can usually be applied to DirectX though. Of course your GLSLShader won't work… and I'm sure there's a few more things like that, but in general I think it would work out pretty well.