Disable certain mappings from inputManager?


I want to disable certain default mappings/triggers from inputManager like Q, A, etc. (but not all).

How is this done? I found the method inputManager.deleteMapping(String mappingName) but I don’t know where I get the mapping names from.

They are defined in SimpleApplication, right-click the “extends SimpleApplication” text in your main Application and select “Go to Source”.

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Where? I see only

[java] public static final String INPUT_MAPPING_EXIT = “SIMPLEAPP_Exit”;

public static final String INPUT_MAPPING_CAMERA_POS = “SIMPLEAPP_CameraPos”;

public static final String INPUT_MAPPING_MEMORY = “SIMPLEAPP_Memory”;

public static final String INPUT_MAPPING_HIDE_STATS = “SIMPLEAPP_HideStats”;[/java]

And that’s not what I’m looking for.

Those are the only default mappings.

What other mappings are you seeing?

Maybe those of the flyCam? They are inside the flyCam class.

The camera movement when I press Q, W, A, S

Yeah, that’s because you are using the fly cam. You can disable it… or what is it that you are trying to accomplish?

…and by that I mean flyCam.setEnabled(false)… then you have no more flying camera with the keys.

Yes, sorry, I posted before reading last normen’s post.

That was what I’m looking for, thanks a lot again!

@pspeed not a solution for me right now because I still want to use the flycam with the mouse. Thanks anyways!