Disable GBUI in differents GameStates

Hi all,

I have a problem with my GameStates and multiple windows of Gbui. The problem is that when I disable a GameState that has Gbui buttons, in the other states I can click this buttons, and I don't know how to disable that. For example, if I have two GameStates with a button in the same position, when I click them with the mouse, the two listeners are executed.

Any idea of how can I 'disable' the buttons of a GameState?


Ok, I found the function that I need.

In case that someone has the same problem, is very easy to solve it. You only need a "window.dimiss();" to disable the window, apart from the normal setActivate(false).

PeterPunkZ - sorry I missed this post, I was out of town.

I'll put this into a test case and add it to the wiki this week