Disable graphic for server builds

I was wondering how to disable graphics when running a server. But I need to run test to see how object are interacting making sure the objects are working. Then later disable to graphic but run server.

Well at least in jme2 there was a nullrenderer, but you could easyly implement that one yourself, just let it do nothing.

Not sure how.

I added this feature to jME3 SVN.

You can now choose in the settings the "NULL" renderer. It doesn't have a display, all render commands are ignored.


That help out great ^^)>.

        AppSettings settings = new AppSettings(true);
        Terrain_Bullet app = new Terrain_Bullet();       
        app.setShowSettings(false);//disable config for start up

  Took a while to find right one. To make sure it  was running or not.